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On Indians and Sociological Clichès

Take a look around you. No, not metaphorically, literally. Take a look around. How many people around you are not engineers or MBAs? How many in your family are not some sort of doctor, nurse or some kind of health professional? Are you surprised at the numbers?

If your answer is yes, I will get back to you in a minute or so. For those who are not, let us take some other stats: Consider your friends circle. Yes, your Facebook friends are allowed, I don’t expect you to have any real friends. How many of them are photographers or government/bank employees? Still not surprised?

Do you know any farmers? Not the type who sings “Meri desh ki mitti”, but the one who has bought large tracts of land, has hired people to work on the land, has livestock, a dairy at one end of the farm and sells eggs, meat and milk in large quantities?

No? Maybe you know an archaeologist? A guy or gal that travels all over India visiting old monuments and buildings, works hard to preserve our ancient history, has written couple of books after poring over hundreds of research papers and books that have come down to us over the ages?

Again no? Hmm, is one of your friends a teacher? Not the “hey, I can’t get any real job, so I decided to teach while I prepare for CAT/IAS” type. I am talking about the “molding the next generation of people who could change the world” type.

Well I can hear a yes or two, but there aren’t many. I do have some more questions, but I don’t want to question your choice of friends any more, although I am sure you are sensing a pattern here.

So have you wondered why we Indians have this ‘sheep syndrome’, maybe a little more than the rest of the world?


On Jobs, Money and Skills

‘Which course should I study to get a job?’

‘I wish I had a government/bank job’

‘Study hard for that test! It’s not easy to get a government job these days’

‘I want a better job’

‘I need to get out of this country’

‘There are a lot of opportunities in the {substitute 1st world country or area}’

Admit it, you have either said it or heard it from a close friend of yours. It is impossible to live in India and not hear at least one of these lines. And every time I hear one of these lines I can’t help but remember a dialogue of Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad

1.’Which course should I study to get a job?’

This is the most pathetic line you can think of. It show the gross lack of ambition you have. If you have no idea what you want to do in life by now, that is sad, very sad. However the question slightly modified makes perfect sense. That is when you ask which course to study to become a specific kind of professional. Therein lies your dream, and if you are hell-bent to achieve it, you are a very admirable person.

2.‘I wish I had a government/bank job!’

You mean you wish you had a job where no one cares if you work well even if your work is minimal, you are highly unlikely to be fired and where you get perks and benefits you are unlikely to get elsewhere? Again grossly pathetic!!

3.’Study hard for the test! It’s not easy to get a government/bank job these days’

You mean it’s hard to get a job after all that quotas been filled? Of course, in a country with a billion people and a million castes and creeds, some are entitled to stuff and some aren’t. So much for equality and equal opportunity!

4.’I want a better job’

First question: Do you mean a job that is not as demeaning as your current one? Or do you simply mean a job that pays better? If you meant the second one, well you can always cook meth. For the first, get some skills! If you have skills, project it for the world to see. Shove your skills on to people’s faces. Make them notice you. That will get you a better job for sure

5.’I need to get out of this country’

Right! You suck at your job, or are unable to get a job because you are in this country. Not because you don’t have any employable skills or are unwilling to learn one. It is because the government and the people around are conspiring to give you a job. Write a book about how secret societies are behind it. At least that’s what the people over at your dream emigration country do. You will have a head-start when you get there.

6.’There are a lot of opportunities in the {substitute 1st world country or area}’

Hello, you don’t have any skills to be employed here, you think some 1st world country is going to give you a good job? Oh wait, you mean, no one is going to judge you there and no one here is going to ask you what you do there? Well done, good work!!